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Hi, we meet in a variety of outdoor and indoor locations to play music and socialise with other music enthusiasts. Players of all musical abilities are welcome. Anyone who can hit a percussive object or make a vocal sound can play along with the group :-)

We play in parks and other outdoor locations that have scenic beauty or spaces with interesting acoustics like underground bunkers and caves. We also play in comfortable indoor locations, sometimes combining a barbecue or potluck meal with music play.

Our main focus is on playing original music. improvising as a group, and experimenting with different forms of music :-)

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We don't have any music events scheduled at present. We'll look to have more music events on weekday evenings or weekend afternoons in not too distant future.

(Note: this is not an actual event, just a way to share news. We aren't looking for comments here. If you have any ideas or suggestions (especially if you would like host a music meetup at your place) you can message Stephen or use our Discussions to discuss ideas with group.)

Enjoy now :-)

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Music Outside Auckland War Memorial Museum

Auckland War Memorial Museum

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