Past Meetup

The big meetup @ Telecom (yay we are off again).


This Thursdays lineup is looking great.

First up we have some fresh faces from

John Lennard will be giving a quick case study on one of their recent projects and giving some insights on the path they took.

Then we will have Darren Wood from talking about:

"Make your websites render faster by introducing some of these simple enhancements to your HTML, CSS and image production."

Break for about 30 mins, free beer and pizza provided by this months sponsor Orion Health (Thanks Guys!)

In the last session of the night we have Robert O'Callahan from the Mozilla Foundation. This is always a good session and Robert will be talking on the following

"Web standards and browser implementations are rapidly evolving features that enable sophisticated games to be written as standards-based Web apps. These features include fast JS engines, GPU-accelerated 2D and 3D graphics (canvas and WebGL), video/audio, WebSockets, and emerging proposed standards for advanced audio effects, fullscreen APIs, and peer-to-peer real-time communication. We'll show some demos and benchmarks, explain about the technology behind them, describe the browser support landscape, and discuss what happens next. We want feedback from developers to help guide our priorities and technical decisions."

I have bumped the numbers up to 180. Please if you RSVP and cannot make it, please come back to this page and un-RSVP (even if it is 30 mins before) so someone else can take you place. We have a long list of people wanting to go that are nearby.

Thanks, John.


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