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Real-Time Data Streaming Meetup with Aerospike, Ably, StreamNative and Quix

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Real-Time Data Streaming Meetup with Aerospike, Ably, StreamNative and Quix


## Details

Come Spend the Evening before the Kafka Conference with Aerospike, Ably, StreamNative and Quix.

► Free pizza, cocktails & beer, plus a raffle with a chance to win a rocket!

  • 6:30pm- Complimentary Pizza, Cocktails & Beer - Get acquainted
  • 6:45pm Rock, Paper, Scissors Game
  • Presented by Tom Camp, DevRel Engineer at Ably
  • 7:10pm -Unified Messaging & Data Streaming
  • Presented by Tim Spann & David Kjerrumgaard, Developer Advocates, StreamNative
  • 7:35pm- How to do Image Recognition in Real-Time with Kafka
  • Presented by Tomas Neubauer, CTO of Quix
  • 8:00pm- How to Get Unlimited Scale with Real-Time SLAs From Your Rich Database Apps
  • Presented by Founder & Chief Technology Officer of Aerospike, Srini V. Srinivasan

Speaker: Tom Camp
DevRel Engineer at Ably
Title: Multiplayer Rock, Paper, Scissor

Let’s start the evening with some light fun. We'll play a live, multiplayer game of “Rock, Paper, Scissor” (sorry, no Spock). All you’ll need is your phone and your inner child.
After the game, Tom Camp from Ably will give a quick explainer on the backend used to build the game, and how the same combination can be built for building massively scalable real-time applications with:

  • Ably for the real-time pub/sub messaging layer
  • Aerospike for holding the true state and processing inputs into outputs
  • Kafka for feeding user-specific details to each user

Tom is a DevRel Engineer at Ably. His current interest lies in open real-time data and ways of representing and sharing it. He’s also a member of the Open API and Async API communities which work towards standardizing the specifications and capabilities of APIs.

Speaker: Tim Spann, Developer Advocate at StreamNative
Speaker: David Kjerrumgaard, Developer Advocate at StreamNative

Title: Unified Messaging & Data Streaming
Utilizing the Open-Source FLiP Stack we can track aircraft overhead with ease! It does require a little bit of hardware and some Python magic. In this talk, you will learn how to build your own at home with a few bits of hardware and some easy open-source software."

Tim Spann is a Developer Advocate for StreamNative. He works with StreamNative Cloud, Apache Pulsar, Apache Flink, Flink SQL, Apache NiFi, MiniFi, Apache MXNet, TensorFlow, Apache Spark, Big Data, the IoT, machine learning, and deep learning. Tim has over a decade of experience with the IoT, big data, distributed computing, messaging, streaming technologies, and Java programming. He blogs for DZone, where he is the Big Data Zone leader, and runs a popular meetup in Princeton on Big Data, Cloud, IoT, deep learning, streaming, NiFi, the blockchain, and Spark. Tim is a frequent speaker at conferences such as ApacheCon, DeveloperWeek, Pulsar Summit and many more. He holds a BS and MS in computer science.

David Kjerrumgaard is Developer Advocate for StreamNative & Author of "Pulsar in Action"
David is a committer on the Apache Pulsar project, and also the author of "Pulsar in Action" and co-author of "Practical Hive". He currently serves as a Developer Advocate for StreamNative where he focuses on strengthening the Apache Pulsar community through education and evangelization. Prior to that he was a principal software engineer on the messaging team at Splunk, and Director of Solutions for two Big Data startups; Streamlio and Hortonworks.

Speaker: Srini Srinivasan
Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Aerospike.
Title: Unlimited Scale Is Not a Number

Aerospike's presentation will share with you our lessons-learned over a decade of experience!
The technology and systems architecture will be the focus of this presentation, along with use-cases demonstrating how the architecture improves real-time SLAs at scale. We will discuss use-cases about how to achieve large-scale real-time data processing in sectors of gaming, finance, telecommunications, e-commerce, advertising and other industries.
We will also discuss the developer APIs and the key capabilities for application development using key-value, document, Spark, Presto (SQL), graph and time series databases.

Srini V. Srinivasan, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Aerospike
Srini V. Srinivasan is Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Aerospike. When it comes to databases, Srini Srinivasan is one of the most-recognized pioneers of Silicon Valley.
Srini is an inventor with more than 35 patents in database, web, mobile and distributed systems technologies. He has over two decades of experience designing, developing and operating high-scale real-time infrastructures.
Srini co-founded Aerospike to solve the scaling problems that he experienced with Oracle databases while he was Senior Director of Engineering at Yahoo. He has a B.Tech in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and both an M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Aerospike Scale Warriors of Austin
Aerospike Scale Warriors of Austin
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