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What we’re about

If you are over 40 and part of a committed relationship and have the time to visit, dine out and travel without the restrictions of kid's school and sports schedules. If you like to do things as a couple and have free time on weekends to attend events, travel, etc.. with other couples this is the place for you. Join us for dinner, hiking, travel, wine tours, dancing, comedy shows, festivals, kayaking, happy hour, watching sports ... we are open to all suggestions!

If you wish to offer a "Perk" to members of our group just notify Lisa or Todd to arrange it.

What we are looking for in our members:

A) Have one spouse at least close to 40 or older and be young at heart!

B) You should be in a relationship and be willing to hang out with your significant other at events (we don't mind if it's been 6 months or 60 years as long as you are in a committed relationship).

C) You should like to meet new people in relationships.

D) You should like good conversation, getting out and having fun.

Things we are not crazy about:

A) Joiners who never attend events.

B) People who say they will attend, then do not show up nor change their RSVP. YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR RSVP IF YOU CANNOT MAKE AN EVENT YOU SIGNED UP FOR.

We are also looking for Event Organizers to help with events so that there are more dates, places and a varieties of events for members to choose from! Contact Lisa and Todd at