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Does your startup need help crowdfunding seed investment capital to launch or expand a new business in Austin? The Austin Crowdfunding Incubator (https://www.meetup.com/austin-crowdfunding-incubator/) will teach startups how to raise seed investment capital using Title III, Reg. CF or Title IV, Reg. A+ the new equity crowdfunding rules recently passed by the SEC as a part of the Jump Start Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act signed into law by President Obama.

In addition to the new national equity crowdfunding rules, Texas entrepreneurs can also raise up to $1 million per year utilizing Top Texas Crowdfunding Sites (https://crowdfundingpr.wordpress.com/2014/07/22/top-10-texas-equity-crowdfunding-sites/), which now allow entrepreneurs and startups to selling private equity shares to 20 million non-accredited investors in Texas to raise seed investment funding & venture capital.

The new Texas Intrastrate crowdfunding exemption (https://crowdfundingpr.wordpress.com/2014/10/22/texas-passes-intrastate-crowdfunding-rules-unanimously-4-0-in-austin-becomes-largest-equity-crowdfunding-market-in-america/) now makes it legal to use Texas Crowdfunding Sites (http://crowdfundingpr.wordpress.com/?s=texas+crowdfunding&submit=Search) to market private equity and seed capital investment opportunities to 20 million unaccredited investors to raise private equity, seed investments and venture capital for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs in Texas.

If you want to learn how to become a micro venture capitalist and begin investing in promising new startups, please join our Texas Crowdfunding Incubator (https://www.meetup.com/austin-crowdfunding-network/). This meetup will connect the 20 million unaccredited investors in Texas with leading Texas Crowdfunding Portals (TCPs) that will allow investors to shop for equity, debt and convertible note investment opportunities.

These crowdfunding portals or sites will allow anyone in Texas with a creative product, service or business idea to build a crowdfunding profile on a crowdfunding investment site and then market their equity investment opportunity to both accredited investors and unaccredited investors in Texas to raise enough money get their businesses off the ground.

And for the first time in 80 years, friends, family members and/or perfect strangers can invest up to $5,000 per startup to purchase private equity shares, debt or convertible notes. If the company becomes successful and goes public, early investors can reap the same type of return-on-investment as early investors and venture capitalists who first supported Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and many others.

Small investments in those companies are now worth billions of dollars. Obviously, there is a lot of risk and many startups fail. Investors need to learn how to shop for good deals and learn smart investment strategies by watching and following seasoned angel and seed capital investment pros.

To get started, read through all of the links outlined below and read as "Investment Books for Dummies" as possible to learn the pros and cons of investing before writing a check to anyone. Never invest any money that you cannot afford to lose!

Texas Crowdfunding Options:

Start a Texas Crowdfunding Portal (https://crowdfundingpr.wordpress.com/top-100-crowdfunding-websites/texas-crowdfunding-portals/#TexasCrowdfundingPortal)

Issue Private Equity Placements in Texas (https://crowdfundingpr.wordpress.com/top-100-crowdfunding-websites/texas-crowdfunding-portals/#PrivateEquityPlacement)

Becoming a Texas Crowdfunding Investor (https://crowdfundingpr.wordpress.com/top-100-crowdfunding-websites/texas-crowdfunding-portals/#TexasCrowdfundingInvestors)

Hire a Crowdfunding Consulting Firm (https://crowdfundingpr.wordpress.com/top-100-crowdfunding-websites/texas-crowdfunding-portals/#TexasCrowdfundingConsultingFirms)

Join the Texas Crowdfunding Incubator (https://crowdfundingpr.wordpress.com/top-100-crowdfunding-websites/texas-crowdfunding-portals/#TexasCrowdfundingNetwork)

Download Texas State Securities Forms (https://crowdfundingpr.wordpress.com/top-100-crowdfunding-websites/texas-crowdfunding-portals/#TexasStateSecuritiesBoard)

Join the Austin Crowdfunding Incubator to get free access to the Texas Crowdfunding PR, Social Media, and Marketing Campaigns (http://crowdfundingpr.wordpress.com/), which will teach you how to raise up to a $1,000,000 by using the combination of social media networks, marketing campaigns and Texas Crowdfunding platforms to post a simple business plan and begin raising capital for all kinds of businesses from real estate, oil & gas to high-tech, clean-tech, bio-tech, fin-tech all the way to the film, music, entertainment and performing arts industries.

Please explore our meetup of the best crowdfunding experts, sites and platforms in Texas and the rest of the United States:

Debt-based Crowdfunding Sites and Platforms (CFP) (https://www.meetup.com/austin-crowdfunding-network/pages/Debt-Based_Crowdfunding_Sites_and_Platforms/)

Equity-based Crowdfunding Sites and Platforms (CFP) (https://www.meetup.com/austin-crowdfunding-network/pages/Equity-Based_Crowdfunding_Sites_and_Platforms/)

Lending-Based Crowdfunding Sites and Platforms (CFP) (https://www.meetup.com/austin-crowdfunding-network/pages/Lending-Based_Crowdfunding_Sites_and_Platforms/)

Best Rewards-Based Crowdfunding Sites and Platforms (CFP) (https://www.meetup.com/austin-crowdfunding-network/pages/Rewards-Based_Crowdfunding_Sites_and_Platforms/)

Best Donation-Based Crowdfunding Sites and Platforms (CFP) (https://www.meetup.com/austin-crowdfunding-network/pages/Donation-Based_Crowdfunding_Sites_and_Platforms/)

From Austin to D/FW to San Antonio to Houston and all the way out to El Paso, the buzz about the new Equity Texas Crowdfunding Rules are going to create a potential pool of $100 billion of investment capital that Texas start-ups and entrepreneurs can tap on December 1, 2014 to launch or expand new business opportunities in Texas.

In addition, the SEC passed another important rule on October 23, 2013, that made it legal for the 1st time in 80 years to utilize general solicitation (https://crowdfundingpr.wordpress.com/2013/09/22/sec-lifts-ban-on-general-solicitation/) (advertising/marketing) to market private equity and seed capital investment opportunities to accredited investors nationwide and 20 million unaccredited investors in Texas.

If you would like to learn more, please visit our Crowdfunding PR, Social Media and Marketing Campaign's Research Center (http://crowdfundingpr.wordpress.com/).

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