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What we’re about

UPDATE AS OF 9/26/22 We are now meeting at Santa Rita's Cantina on 38th St.

This group is designed to network professionals who support people thinking about, going through, or recovering from divorce. It is intended for both the divorce professional, as well as the divorcing individual. Each month, we meet for lunch to learn more about each other's business, and how it relates to divorcing individuals and couples. It is a great way for people considering divorce to find all of the professionals they might need during the process, in one location. You might even meet someone you didn't know you needed. In addition to individuals, here are some of the professions you are likely to find at our meeting. Family Law Attorney, Counselor, Therapist, Child Psychologist, Divorce Financial Analyst, Business Valuator, Divorce Coach, Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Agent, Forensic Bookkeeper, Private Investigator, Financial Planner, Dating Coach, Stylist, Personal Trainer, Career Coach, Transition Coach, and many others.

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