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Discussing the art and craft of software. Discovering, sharing, and enjoying the underlying principles that lead to developing the best possible software and automation for our organizations and the world in general.

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Locked and Loaded

North Village Library

Continuing our journey though the SOLID principles, Brett continues the discussion with OCP. So keep an Open mind as we Close in on this Principle. -- Brett Carroll has been an enthusiastic software developer for seven years and currently works at Dell as a Principal Software Engineer.

Toolbelt: Agile for the Craftsman

Dun & Bradstreet

How much agile should the software craftsperson know? What connection does delivery methodology have to the craft that you bring to bear when creating software? These and many more questions will be raised and investigated!!

Collaborative Programming Techniques and Practice

Dun & Bradstreet

We will be going in depth in the skills necessary to program with others in real-time. We've been using pair programming in our quarterly Coding Dojos, and this month, Steve Kuo will be taking us deeper into this powerful practice through discussion and a short hands-on exercise. -- Steve is a very active member of the Seattle-area Code Crafter community. He facilitates the Eastside and Seattle Crafter Meetups monthly as well as CodeRetreats in the area. It's not uncommon to meet him at other local meetups, Slack channels, and conferences. Steve went XP over 10 years ago and hasn't looked back. He's committed to raising awareness that writing and delivering software is a skilled craft and people are not fungible resources. His strong values of collaboration, community, and inspirational leadership go into everything that he does and strives to attain.

When Performance Matters, The Revenge

North Village Library

Performance often seems to be a dark art. Sometimes when you address it - you are a hero. Sometimes you find yourself contorting the code-base and not solving any problems. Mike Sassak will work us through the thinking and the art involved in this important aspect of the craft.

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Saturday coding dojo CANCELLED

North Village Branch, Austin Public Library

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