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Austin, TX

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Sep 12, 2008

Who taught you how to knit/crochet and how long have you been doing it?

My best friend from high school taught me to knit in 2004 while I was visiting my sister in DC. I'm still amazed that I remembered what she taught me since we were drinking wine.

What's your favorite fiber?

How about favorite yarns? I love Hazel Knits and Madeline Tosh. The colors are amazing.

If you were stranded on a deserted island with loads of cashmere and rosewood needles (or hooks), what would you make?

A pillow, a sweater, and a blanket made from squares of different patterns to amuse myself. I think I would also knit toys so I wouldn't feel so lonely.

For you, does knitting/crocheting seem like it's going to be a passing fancy or a lifelong passion? (Hint: If you've been doing it for more than 3 years, I think we already have your answer.) :)

This will be a lifelong passion. I love knitting so much that I try to teach as many people I know to knit.

In which part of Austin do you live? (N, NW, Central, S, SW, Lakeway, Cedar Park, etc.)

Northwest near Then Domain