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Symbolic Modelling and the Clean Language of David Grove is a radically different way of facilitating change based on a new view of how people organise their internal worlds:

Humans, individually and collectively, self-organise. Self-organising systems have no central control. Instead they are based on dynamic intelligent networks that are complex, adaptive and emergent. Metaphor is not some figurative icing on the narrative cake, it is intrinsic to language, thought and deed. Knowledge for the most part is not based on abstract concepts and well-defined categories, but embodied through and through in a fuzzy, non-linear logic. No change technique is required! Changes emerge spontaneously and are matured organically until the client embodies new metaphors to live by. The role of the coach is therefore to encourage the conditions for change and to follow every potentially serendipitous shift. What makes this methodology so useful and innovative is its simplicity and its 'clean' philosophy. Ernest Rossi, long time collaborator with Milton Erickson, says this approach "helps people learn how to facilitate their own creativity in solving their own problems in their own way."

We'll be reviewing and practicing the basic forms of Clean Language so you can begin exploring it right away.

Katie Raver is an NLP Master Practitioner. She's presenting this topic in preparation for the January 2012 Clean Language class in Austin by Penny Tompkins and James Lawley. Join her as a fellow learner. For a list of articles on Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling, check out: