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Nick Kemp's Insane Solutions, presented by Katie Raver

Hosted by Austin Neuro Linguistic Programming Meetup

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Have you ever noticed that a conversation with a good friend sometimes changes everything? And unusual new perspectives may show up when you look at your "problem" in an unpredictable, zany way!

Plan to laugh, be entertained, and experience what it's like to have a friendly colleague helping you experience a "problem" in a new way. You'll see a demo and get to try out the Insane Solutions pattern, one of many Provocative Change Works patterns that Nick Kemp developed based on Frank Farrelly's work.

Katie Raver is an NLP Master Practitioner and community builder. She helped start the Austin NLP Meetup with 5 friends in 2003 and continues to volunteer as a presenter.

Nick's March 2013 class in Austin:

Nick explains Provocative Change Works:

15-minute YouTube video of a business client session:


Cost: $5