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Austin Postgres supports a gathering of Postgres users new and experienced alike in the Austin community.

We strive to create a collaborative environment for the growth of our interaction with Postgres and the Postgres community as a whole. We organize events locally as well as abroad during global Postgres conferences, discuss topics that are interesting and exciting, give informative/educational presentations, and participate in global community type events (Patch Days, reporting bugs, etc).

Some of our key members are highly active individuals in the postgres community that participate heavily in the advancement of the database service. All are welcome, and we always love new faces. We cater to both the expert and the newbie, and the topics we cover are covered from that standpoint as well.

This is a great place to learn how to use postgres and to gain some hands-on training with some very knowledgable individuals, share in a wealth of experience, and so on.

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CockroachDB: How to Build a Scalable, Ultra-Resilient Postgres Cluster

Come to this session to learn about how to make a clusterized Postgres database in your own environment using CockroachDB, a distributed SQL database created as an open-source Postgres-compatible database with strong ACID guarantees. CockroachDB gives an alternative to standalone Postgres to answer the most important issues you have to handle after you move your databases into production: How can you keep the database running in case of failures and upgrades? How can you scale the database? Considering it's a cluster, how can you keep the database instances consistent with each other? And can you create a cluster across regions, clouds, or a hybrid and still get good performance? CockroachDB raft-based cluster technology solves these challenges while presenting a single-instance Postgres database using standard Postgres drivers to make it easy to use. Speaker bio: Randy Chertkow is a Principal Engineer at Cockroach Labs and has over 25 years of IT experience as an infrastructure architect for Fortune 500 companies. He has used his skills as a database developer, architect, and tools expert to implement enterprise-scale IT at companies like Abbott Laboratories, VMware, Mesosphere and more. He has a Master’s in Computer Science: Data Communications with a concentration in artificial intelligence. Besides his IT background, Randy is a musician on the side and has also written four books with major publishers about the music business.

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