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We have weekly slow-pitch softball practices, which are the main purpose of the group. Practice typically consists of some combination of fungo (Someone hits a ball to each person in turn. That person fields the ball and throws it back in), batting practice (each person gets a set number of hits), and scrimmage (very informal -- no score kept, no walks, no strikeouts). The group is completely informal. Some people show up every time, some people show up once every month or two. Some people show up right at 1pm, some people trickle in throughout the afternoon. Some people stay until nobody wants to continue practicing, others leave earlier. It's all good. The only rule we really have is that everyone has to be friendly, good natured, and accepting of the fact that we have people of all skill levels out there. We are only looking for friendly people! There is some good natured trash talk at practice, but it's all in good fun and everyone has a good time. We're not looking for negative or rude people. People of all skill levels welcome! Both men and women are welcome!

We also have a Facebook group (http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=48750664139) which I highly recommend you join.

If you are looking to join a team or sub for a team, either for league play or for tournaments, then you have a couple of options. There are a bunch of leagues in the area, many of which allow you to list yourself as a player looking for a team. Their web pages have details:


You can also show up to practice and get to know people there. People at practice play for a variety of different teams, so you may meet someone who is looking for players.

Periodically there will be messages sent to the group with opportunities to sub in games, play in tournaments, or join teams full time.

Don't let the number of RSVPs on here fool you (or on Facebook, if you are on there). Folks show up every week who don't RSVP. We never have to cancel practice due to lack of people.

The meetup is free, but donations are VERY appreciated (http://www.meetup.com/austinsoftball/money/). It costs around $150 per year to keep the group open. You can donate using Paypal from a link on the meetup group home page, or you can give Mitch cash or check at practice.

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