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Doudy Draw Hike
We will explore the Doudy Draw Trail and the Spring Brooke North Trail, a total of 5-6 miles total for out and back. Parking - There is a $5.00 parking fee at the trail head parking lot, there is no fee if you have the Boulder County car registration. DOG REGULATIONS Dogs must not be aggressive towards other people or dogs. It is illegal for dogs to chase or disturb wildlife or livestock. You must pick up after your dog on OSMP land. Don't leave it by the trail to be picked up later. All dogs must be leashed in the Trailhead Leash Area ( Beyond the trailhead, dog control requirements vary from trail to trail, so carefully watch for dog regulation signs at trailheads and trail intersections, and check the Dog Regulations by Area ( page before your trip. On Doudy Draw Trail dogs must be on a hand-held leash at all times unless they meet the voice and sight control standard ( and display a City of Boulder Voice and Sight tag ( On Spring Brook North, dogs are allowed on-leash and on-trail; dogs are not allowed on Spring Brook South or Goshawk Ridge Trail. Dogs must be leashed seasonally on the upper section of the Doudy Draw Trail south of Community Ditch Trail and west of the Flatirons Vista Trails because of black bear activity. Dog excrement removal is required by law. This is a Boulder Open Space Mountain Park so dogs may be allowed off-leash if they wear a Boulder voice and sight tag ($15-19) and are under voice and sight control ( What is voice and sight control? Dogs are off-leash, but stay within your sight and under your control. This means that when you command your dog to come, it does so the first time. You must have a leash for each dog with you. Only two dogs may be off-leash at once (per person). Each dog must display a voice and sight dog tag. Everyone who walks the dog on OSMP land must be registered with the Voice and Sight Dog Tag Program ( Link to Boulder Voice and Site Control Program Page ( Share the Trail Trail users are required to yield the trail according to the following regulation: "All trail users on City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks property are required to yield to other trail users in the following manner: All users yield to equestrians; bicyclists yield to pedestrians, and bicyclists headed downhill yield to bicyclists headed uphill. Yielding the right of way requires slowing down to a safe speed, being prepared to stop, establishing communication, and passing safely." AFTER THE HIKE SOCIAL HOUR: drinks, appetizers, sandwiches, burgers... Please read the Australian Shepherd Groups Trail Etiquette Page (

Parking Lot At The Doudy Draw Trailhead

Eldorado Springs, CO · Eldorado Springs, CO

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    Whether your wiggle butt is from a breeder or a rescue, a standard or a mini, all Aussies and their owners are welcome here!

    We are a social group of owners of Aussies, we gather for play dates at dog parks, hikes, dog related events and any other excuse we can come up with to allow our high octane dogs to burn off some energy and socialize with other dogs and people. It's all about fun, meeting new people and socializing around our lovable Aussies.

    Join us so you can meet with other local Australian Shepherd owners for dog walks/hikes and trips to the dog park! We also meet for dog related events around town, as well as exposing our dogs to agility, flyball, and herding. We like to meet Aussie's from all over Colorado! This is a fun group of dogs and people who love their dogs! We do everything from very active to low key meetups....there is something for everyone to enjoy. Since our meet ups are very social in nature, we do ask that your dog(s) be dog/people friendly and not aggressive. New members are warmly don't be shy!

    Although we love all breeds of dogs, we do require that you own at least one Australian Shepherd to join our group.

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