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This Meetup is a group of people dedicated to supporting each other through emotional intelligence, better communication, and personal awareness. To that end, we host regular "Authentic Relating" (AR) events near OSU campus. A recent article by the Atlantic paints a clear picture of what AR can look like: A recent article about AR can be found here: https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2017/11/the-club-where-you-bare-your-soul-to-strangers/545786 . We also host related events and workshops.

Authentic Relating is a collection of extensively tested experiences that give participants a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection. These experiences are designed to highlight and train body awareness, create deep connection, boost empathy, strengthen community, and ...most importantly...be fun!

We challenge you to listen and reflect in real time, to share your emotional state, to notice and reach into your desire, and to become self-aware within connection. From meditative depths of presence and ecstatic heights of joy, to somber melancholy and heart-pounding fun, we guide an experience all the way through the human condition.

Participants walk away with a profound sense of well-being, and an experiential toolkit that they can use right away to make every part of their lives even better

These events we host provide space to connect with yourself and community--usually for free. You can build emotional intelligence, make new friends, and gain new communication skills. We have also created an support group to foster accountability on the goals that we set for ourselves.

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Basic French

Columbus State Community College

Authentic Relating Games: Shame and Resolutions

Columbus Metropolitan Library - Northside Branch

Monday Men's Group

Columbus Metropolitan Library

Impromptu Hike

Highbanks Metro Park Nature Center

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