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This purpose of this group is to bring together a group of people with Asperger's/autism that provides mutual support in navigating the tech industry. We intend to open a new kind of self-directed educational center for programmers (https://autismsuccessintech.org/educational-center/) in Berkeley.

All aspects of technology are included: programming, data entry, data science, hardware, operating systems, office software, computer art and graphic design, industrial design, engineering, mathematics, science, electronics, startups, space exploration, testing, entrepreneurship, hackerspaces, and much more.

No previous experience with technology is required -- just a desire to learn and help others. Complete beginners are welcome. Those with experience can provide advice and support to the newcomers.

For more information, see the Autism Success in Tech website (https://autismsuccessintech.org/).


Do I need any experience with technology?
All levels of experience are welcome, including complete beginners.

I’m not technical, but I’m a tech entrepreneur with autism/Asperger’s -- can I still join?
Yes, everyone is welcome.

Are there good resources for learning how to program?
Yes. Click here (https://autismsuccessintech.org/learn-how-to-code/).

I am the parent of a child with autism/Asperger’s -- can I join?

Do I need an official autism or Asperger’s diagnosis to join?
An official diagnosis is not required. This is an inclusive and friendly group for people who are interested in helping each other.

Autism is not required to join. We're also looking for mentors to volunteer with technical mentorship.

Is there a website?
Yes: autismsuccessintech.org (https://autismsuccessintech.org/).

Can I sponsor your group?
Yes, learn more about supporting us here (https://autismsuccessintech.org/support-us/). Any assistance with organization, meeting space, software, hardware, partnerships, job training, and/or other help would be greatly appreciated.

Where can I send additional questions and feedback about the group?
Contact us (https://autismsuccessintech.org/contact/).

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