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The purpose of this group is to bring together and empower people who are currently in the process of building a side business with the end goal of full automation and passive income. We provide our members with the resources, strategy, connections, and sometimes even the money they need to achieve their goals.

There are two sub-groups that make up this mastermind: one dedicated to selling physical products and one dedicated to building up audiences and monetizing them (blogs, podcasts, etc). To join the audience-building focus group, you must currently have a project in motion, but you do not currently need to be making money. However, to join the physical product focus group, you need to currently be selling physical products and be bringing in gross revenues of $10,000 per month or higher.

Benefits of Membership:

The Mastermind provides a tremendous number of free resources. These resources include free access to what would normally be thousands of dollars of paid memberships, paid courses, strategy documents, paid software, tools, and connections.

The resources are provided with one goal in mind: remove as many obstacles to success as possible, including any financial obstacles related to educating oneself on how to achieve success. In this same spirit, members have also been known to help fund each other's projects. With all these resources, members have no excuse but to take action.

Who May Join:

To join the audience-building half of this mastermind, you must currently have a project in motion, but you do not currently need to be making money. However, to join the physical product focus group, you need to have gross revenues of $10,000 per month or higher. The only exception to this is if you have received a special invitation to join by one of our current members.

This group is NOT focused on the stock market or real estate, although we discuss these things from time to time as a means of creating a well-rounded money system. The group is for people who are trying to make cash with simple, tested business models that are easy to outsource, automate, and monitor remotely. Lifestyle is the goal - not a job you can never quit and a 90 hour work week.


Although we do host the occasional in-person workshop or meeting, the primary function of this group is to meet with like-minded people on a weekly basis so we can hold each other accountable and share ideas and resources. To this end, we hold a weekly remote meeting through Google Hangouts every Wednesday night.

The content creator and physical sub-groups are organized differently:

The physical product group meets at 7pm, and genreally spends the first 10 minutes disucssing what wins we had for the week, followed by what each of us needs help with. Then the rest of the meeting (normally another 45 to 90 minutes) is free-form, and we talk about any topic pertaining to our businesses. Most of this time is usually spent helping group members overcome issues they brought up in the first 10 minutes.

The content creator group meets at 7:30pm in a different Google hangout, and are much more structured. The have "hotseat" sessions and set goals.

Both groups use Slack to communicate between meetings, and the physical products group also has a Facebook group.

Attendance policy:

Don't worry about RSVPing to meetings here on Meetup. There's a reason why most of the meetings are recorded as only having one person (the organizer) attending. But if you go for a long period of time without attending a meeting, you will be removed from the group to make way for new members who want to join. You can always re-join after being removed in this way, if you plan on participating in the future, but we can't guarantee you'll meet the requirements to join at that time (such as income requirements, etc).

How much does it cost?:

It doesn't cost anything aside from your commitment to join us at least twice per month. And no, we're not going to try to sell you stuff when you join, and we don't have affiliate relationships with any products we recommend. This group is not a business. I made this mastermind to create a trusted circle of colleagues and friends. Not a group of customers. That being said, you'll find we won't open all our resources to you until you've proven you're going to stick around for a little while. We're sharing our usernames and passwords and putting our reputation on the line, so we need to know 1) you're serious, and 2) we can trust you. Neither of those things involve paying any kind of membership fees.

I look forward to meeting you,


Organizer, and 7-figure Amazon seller

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