What we're about

The purpose of this group is to bring together and empower people who are successfully selling physical products on Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, ClickFunnels, and other channels. We provide our members with the resources, strategy, and connections they need to achieve their goals. The objective here is to help each other make more money, make friends in the e-commerce space, stay motivated, and keep each other accountable.

To join the group , you EITHER need to be bringing in over $10,000+ per month in revenues from your current e-commerce business, OR you need to get a referral from someone currently inside the group.

Business Models:

Some people in the group are pursuing dropshipping or wholesale business models to a limited extent, but the group is really focused on the private label model of e-commerce. And I'm not talking about just slapping your label on existing products. We 1) identify new profitable physical product ideas, 2) get those ideas to market, 3) market those ideas to maximize our number of customers and their average lifetime value.

Benefits of Membership:

The Mastermind provides a tremendous number of free resources. These resources include free access to what would normally be thousands of dollars of paid memberships, paid courses, strategy documents, paid software, tools, and connections.

The resources are provided with one goal in mind: remove as many obstacles to success as possible, including any financial obstacles related to educating oneself on how to achieve success. In this same spirit, members have also been known to help fund each other's projects. With all these resources, members have no excuse but to take action.

What this group is NOT:

This group is NOT focused on the stock market or real estate, although we discuss these things from time to time as a means of creating a well-rounded money system. It's also not a place to talk about building things that aren't helpful in building a business (making money), such as writing a blog to "get your message out there." Finally, it's not a place for people who have businesses that are outside of the e-commerce space (such as people with multi-level marking businesses, brick and mortar stores, or service-oriented businesses).


Although we do host the occasional in-person lunch, workshop, or meeting, 99% of the time we hold a weekly remote meeting through Google Hangouts. They're every Wednesday night at 7:00pm.

The meetings generally follow this very loose structure: first 15-30 minutes we go around the room to recap our wins for the week, and any lessons learned. Then we focus in on where anyone needs help. After that, it's pretty open-ended. Meetings usually have between 3-7 people and end between 8-9pm.

We also have a secret Facebook group, where we chat and share files/links/news between Wednesday meetings.

Attendance policy:

You DON'T need to RSVP to meetings here on Meetup. That's why most of the meetings are recorded as only having one person (the organizer) attending. But if you go for a long period of time without attending a meeting, you will be removed from the group.

How much does it cost?:

It doesn't cost anything aside from your commitment to join us on a fairly regular basis. And no, we're not going to try to sell you stuff when you join, and we don't have affiliate relationships with any products we recommend or discuss. This group is not a business. I made this mastermind to create a trusted circle of colleagues and friends. Not a group of customers.

I look forward to meeting you,


Organizer, and 7-figure Amazon seller

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