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What we’re about

Finding Top Software Talent in a Scalable and Affordable manner.

Come hear our story at AVANTA and learn how we are producing Elite Nearshore Software Engineers for you.

In this meetup we are gathering a network of Software Professionals who are constantly in need of High Skilled Software Engineers to augment their software development teams.

The idea is host occasional events and keep members informed of available and upcoming Engineers from our Software Academy.

We are very excited to be able to tell our story, and hopefully help others find ways to scale their software teams with top talent.

This 2019 we launched a nation-wide in Mexico a scholarship for Software Engineering grads to attend our elite software academy and get further trained to silicon valley standards.

The response has been tremendous, receiving over 700 applications in just 1 month.

We are certain that we will be able to get 25 Elite Engineers out of our pool to complete our first generation. We will run this program every 6 months.

We already have interest of a number of Silicon Valley companies to hire our upcoming engineers and are looking for more, as well as for investors interested in the project.

We have 20+ yrs of software experience, 8 of them successfully providing Mexico-based Nearshore Software Teams to US companies. 

We look forward to meeting you, regards.

-Daniel Castaneda

CEO, Kwan Tecnologia -

Co-Founder, AVANTA Software - 

US: +1 (650) 353-2299

MX: +521 (999) 955-1759