What we're about

This meetup is for pilots interested in flying new class of Light Sports aircrafts (LSAs).

As a community of pilots, we aim to increase awareness and interest in LSAs, and foster shared ownership at low cost through formation of fractionals, partnerships and flying clubs in the region.

LSAs provide an affordable way to fly brand new planes, with new engines, modern avionics @ 120 kts (138 miles/hr) of cruise speed. Cost of insurance is usually low and maintenance much lower than older aircrafts.

New pilots need only 20 hrs of training to learn to fly LSAs. Private pilots can fly VFR @ Night and even IFR for properly equipped planes. If you are not sure about renewing your medical, you can continue to fly LSAs with a regular drivers license.

So please come join us to know about future of aviation and meet other current and prospective LSA enthusiasts and pilots.

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