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Awakened Man is a men's coaching and media channel guiding men on the path of meaning, purpose, health and spiritual unfoldment.

Check out the website here (https://awakenedman.co.uk/)

Check out the media channel here (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbA2t0gC4vmvtJdPRgxuQBA?sub_confirmation=1)

Run by founder Richard, Awakened Man holds two main meetings - the men's weekly 'Life Purpose Meeting' & a more spiritually focused monthly catch-up, the Men's Meditation Meeting.

If you'd like to attend one of the meetings, do feel free to reach out to Richard.

As numbers are limited for in-person meetings, we do hold online meetings regularly too, meaning folks can attend wherever they are in the world.

Other events, such as open meditations, men's activities and inner work sessions will be posted on Meet-Up.

The Life Purpose Meeting

The Life Purpose Meeting focuses heavily on personal responsibility, accountability, discipline, authenticity and living life as 'the best man you can be' in our often chaotic & confusing modern world

The meeting tends to be based loosely around the Awakened Man 7-Steps, which you can view here

However, we cover a variety of themes, teachings and issues. To give you an idea of the ethos, the following names arise quite regularly:

Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Aldous Huxley, Jordan Peterson, David Deida, Elliot Hulse, Stoicism (Marcus Aurelius/Seneca), Dr Robert Glover (No More Mr Nice Guy), Robert Bly (Iron John)

The Men's Meditation Meeting

The Spiritual Meet-Up is a monthly get together for men interested in meditation, spirituality and spiritual unfoldment.

There is no 'doctrine' or religious beliefs associated with this meet-up, we simply share a mutual interest in meditation and what is sometimes termed 'nondual' spirituality.

Nondualism can be found in secular movements, religious traditions and spiritual teachings that point towards a single unifying reality at the root of all existence.

By dwelling in silent space we sink into this reality and beyond the confines of the limited human mind and ego, returning home to our default state of peace and stability.

These meetings are friendly and welcoming, we tend to meditate, speak about our spiritual experiences and challenges, share helpful teachings from a range of traditions and so forth.

While this meet-up is open to anyone, it is recommended you have some experience with meditation and a spiritual practice of some sort, as some of the themes may be somewhat arcane or overwhelming for a complete newcomer.

Feel free to reach out if you're interested.

I hope to speak to you soon.




Website: https://awakenedman.co.uk/

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Exploring the SHADOW - A Meeting for Men

Online event

Shadow work is one of the most powerful, challenging and cathartic things a man can do.

It goes into the nooks and crannies within and shines a light on areas that we've long hidden, but are the seeds of much destruction in our lives, doing this can bring immense relief and healing.

However, you must be brave in your pursuit of truth.

The shadow lurks in:

- Addictions
- Phobias
- Emotional dysfunctions
- Anxiety & Depression
- Laziness
- Overworking
- Resentment, & much more

Usually, the shadow side is the part of us we don't want to show because of cultural, familial or personal conditioning, and that we've hidden away subconsciously.

Join a group of brothers in breaking free and finding their truth.

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