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What we’re about

We’re a committed group of growth-oriented individuals working towards awakening the healing power residing within the body and mind.

Are you truly committed to doing whatever it takes to heal and grow into the best version of yourself?

My travel schedule now has me working with people individually and in groups in cities across the country.

Since I’m no longer able to offer weekly classes, I want you to know that you still have the opportunity to work with me individually by phone or in-person to heal your heartache and co-create the deeply loving relationship you deserve.

In these extraordinarily powerful sessions you will:

  • Learn a series of intensive meditations that will awaken your body and mind’s innate healing power
  • Experience an even more powerful healing process that I originally learned while training with a traditional Kiowa Indian doctor (medicine man)

These heart-healing-sessions will enable you to:

  • Heal your physical body and the deep emotional wounds
  • Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • Connect with your intuition and deeper instinctual knowing
  • Create a more passionate, purposeful and fulfilling life
  • Realize your true potential

Want to know more? Then go to Feel free to reach out to me by email at or by phone at (332) 333-5155 if I can be of assistance.

Ben Oofana

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