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We are a reading, discussion and experiential group for serious, select, humble and open minded/open hearted individuals who are interested the teachings of ancient and modern day spiritual Masters, and in the practical application of their methodologies. We focus on watching videos and documentaries, as well as reading about spiritual concepts, deeply understanding them, and, most importantly, applying these transformative practical tools in our day to day lives, with the ultimate goal of fully and permanently awakening to higher states of consciousness. Our focus is on freeing ourselves from the Matrix, Maya, The Illusion... and becoming increasingly liberated from our restricted notions of ourselves as just this mind/ego/body complex that we perceive with our physical senses and analytical mind. We encourage everyone on board to realize the value of awakening to our true nature as the essential and number one priority in this life.

Moreover, our discussions are based on the root assumptions that we ourselves are are eternal co-creators with Spirit itself, that we are forming our own reality, that the existence of our consciousness is not based on the material body, and that we will continue to grow and evolve in other dimensions of actuality, as does Spirit itself continually does, when we finally disengage from this flesh, bone and limited personality structure.

Our practices involve breathwork, self inquiry techniques, deep meditation, powerful affirmations and potent, heart-opening chanting.... all designed to dissolve self created boundries, bring us into alignment with our True Nature, and promote Self and God Realization....while uncovering the glory, splendor and magnificence of Being that has always been present, but veiled from our perception by we ourselves.

We hope you'll join us as we rediscover our innocence and dive deep to the core of our own Being, stripping away the filters, defenses, and mistaken notions of ourselves as anything other than Luminous and Eternal offshoots of the Infinite, and offspring of the Living God.

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