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What we’re about

Are you looking to have a good time with a cool group of people? Me too!!!

That's why this group exists... We find/host/create the coolest things to do in Nashville whether you are in town for the week or were born and raised here I bet you will have a blast.

There is always something going on in this city... Sometimes too much to actually filter through it all and find the truly fun and unique experiences. 

To separate from the pack we focus on finding the "special" things. You know those things that you tell your friends you're doing and they say "wow! that sounds awesome where did you find out about that!"

Even when we are just doing something like hitting Broadway it sure is a lot more fun in a large group than just wandering around the club trying to get a drink and find a place to sit.

Everyone is welcome... RSVP to our next event and come out to play... you will feel right at home and make fast friends!