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AWS Community Day - Hungary

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Madhu K. and Eszter K.
AWS Community Day - Hungary


AWS Community Day events deliver a peer-to-peer learning experience; they are events put on "by the community, for the community.

Draft Agenda (subject to change):

Please note that the timings below refers to CEST (Central European Summer Time).

08:30hrs to 08:45hrs - Welcome, Event Intro: Madhu (Host)

08:45hrs to 09:30hrs - Keynote by 'AWS Guru' Darko Mesaroš - AI/ML - What do you actually do with Generative AI?

09:30hrs to 10:15hrs: - Oluwasegun Adedigba - Serverless - Building a Serverless Traffic Monitoring System

10:15hrs to 10:45hrs - Renaldi Gondosubroto - Opensource on AWS - Architecting a Secure and Scalable Open-Source CPE Tracker

10:45hrs t0 11:15hrs - Tony Mullen - Data (RDS ) - Implementing Oracle workload on AWS cloud

11:15hrs to 11:45hrs - Marko Djakovic - Serverless (Java) - Developing Serverless Java Solutions Like a Boss

11:45hrs to 12:15hrs - Güldeniz Bektaş - AI/ML - Vision Transformer Model Training on AWS Sagemaker: An End-to-End Guide

12:15hrs to 12:30hrs - Udara Wijeratna - Cost optimisation (RDS/SaaS) - Cost-Effective Scaling: Optimizing RDS Expenses While Simultaneously Facilitating Business Growth

12:30hrs to 13:00hrs - Coffee/Lunch Break

13:00hrs to 13:30hrs - Ewere Diagboya - Containers - From 0 to Fargate

13:30hrs to 14:00hrs - Mohammad Quanit - Containers (AWS Copilot) - Smooth Sailing with AWS Copilot: Navigating Your Containerized Apps to Success

14:00hrs to 14:30hrs - Vadym Kazulkin - Serverless (Lambda) - AWS Lambda SnapStart: Why, How and What

14:30hrs to 15:00hrs - Csaba Szegedi - Serverless (Step Functions) - Step Functions in Action

15:00hrs to 15:30hrs - Ayyanar Jeyakrishnan - AI/ML - GenAI - Generative AI for Enterprise using AWS Foundation Models

15:30hrs to 16:00hrs - Yedidya Schwartz - Data (DR) - Building Resilience: A Journey of Crafting and Validating Our Disaster Recovery Plan

16:00rhs to 16:30hrs - Arun Kumar N - Data (AWS Glue) - AWS Glue: Incremental data processing & Dynamically scale the worker nodes

16:30hrs to 17:00hrs - Srushith Repakula - Serverless - Experiences in Architecting & Implementing Platforms Using Serverless

17:00hrs to 17:30hrs - Sebastien Napoléon - Serverless (Lambda) - Optimizing your AWS lambda function has never been this easy

17:30hrs to 18:00hrs - Renato Losio - Data (RDS) - An Unconventional Journey With Amazon RDS

18:00hrs to 18:15hrs - Adit Modi - Certification - Navigating the AWS Certification Journey: Insights from an 12x AWS Certified Engineer

18:15hrs to 18:30hrs - Closing, To win the raffle prizes, you must submit the feedback form at the end of the event. Raffle winners will be contacted individually week after the event.

Language: English

Event Fee: Free


Level 200–300: Basic understanding of the fundamental scope of information technology; basic understanding of AWS Services

What you will gain: Attendees will gain invaluable insights into cutting-edge cloud technologies and best practices, equipping them to drive innovation in the digital era.


Feeling lucky?? Raffle winners will receive:

  1. $25 and $50 AWS Credits to support your learning on AWS** (or)
  2. FREE AWS EXAM Vouchers to advance your career path**
  3. A special prize of $1000 AWS Credits to support community project**
  4. FREE HashiCorp Exam Vouchers**

**Conditions apply: participants who participated in the chat more actively, asked questions, and filled out the feedback form after the event For AWS exam vouchers, there are also other conditions; please check the feedback form at the time of the event.

Please provide your feedback after the event:

Feedback Link:

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