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How to build a social network using AWS Lambda

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Walter H. and Zamira J.
How to build a social network using AWS Lambda


• What we'll do
At our AWS Meetup The Hague we'll have two interesting talks and some beer and pizza.

The first talk:
Speaker: Yan Cui
Title: How I built a social network on serverless
Abstract: Many people are building different workloads using serverless technologies these days. But how would a non-trivial system such as a social network look like on serverless?

Let’s take a deep dive into how Yan and his team did it, and improved performance, scalability, and feature delivery as well!

In this talk, we will take apart the serverless architecture for a social network, Yubl, and discuss how Yan's team implemented different features using serverless technologies such as Lambda - search, user recommendation, news feed, push notifications, business intelligence and so on.

We will discuss strategies to migrate from an existing, monolithic system to serverless. How to identify service boundaries, and migrate features off the monolith without downtime. We will see how events are used heavily to enable Yan's team to build loosely-coupled systems and where it doesn’t work so well.

We will see how such a non-trivial system, encompassing many services and hundreds of functions, are connected together. And we’ll finish off with some lessons learnt around how to organize your functions, and how to build observability into your serverless application.

The second talk:
Speaker: TBA
Title: Working on it, check back soon :)

• What to bring
An appetite for learning!

• Important to know
We'll have drinks and pizza.

Prinses Beatrixlaan 582, 20th floor · The Hague
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