AI for Developers. Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Data Streams on AWS

AWS User Group-Bengaluru
AWS User Group-Bengaluru
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Amazon Development Center, Aquila building

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Amazon Development Centre India Pvt.Ltd Aquila Building (9th Floor Training Room), Bagmane Constellation Business Park (BCBP) K.R. Puram- Marathalli Ring Road, Mahadevpura Bangalore – 560037

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Talk 1

Title: AI for Developers
Description: Learn how to leverage AWS AI APIs to put machine learning into production without a PhD, for everything from computer vision to audio transcription

Speaker: Nicholas Walsh, Technologist, Amazon Web Services

Talk 2
Title: Computer Vision with AWS DeepLens
Description: Learn how to build and deploy object detection models using the AWS DeepLens deep-learning-enabled video camera.

Speaker: Suman Debnath, Principal Technologist, Amazon Web Services

Talk 3
Title: Smarter and Intelligent Ways to train Deep Learning Architectures.
Description: Data and Compute resource are two major driving factors behind this tremendous success. But have you ever wondered:
1. How to train deep learning model if we have less amount of data for a particular problem?
2. How to achieve maximum accuracy from the model by simultaneously reducing the training time?
3. What to do if the model is not converging beyond some loss value and it's stuck at some saddle point?
In this talk, we take a look at how to train a deep learning model for state of the art result and learn several techniques for faster convergence which can be used both in Computer Vision and NLP task.

Speaker: Utkarsh and Aman.
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