Spot On! - Run EC2 Spot Instances in Production - Up to 80% cost savings

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With Amazon EC2 Spot Instances, we can run and scale applications such as stateless web services, image rendering, big data analytics, CI/CD pipelines, and massively parallel computations — all at a fraction of the cost. On average, we can save 60% to 80% compared to On-Demand prices by using Spot Instances.

10:30 AM - Welcome & Networking

11:00 AM - Meetup Kick Off & Group Introduction - Nilesh, Shaishav & Gaurav

12:00 PM - Spot On! - Run EC2 Spot Instances in Production

- What are Amazon EC2 Spot Instances
- Spot vs On-Demand vs Reserved Pricing Models
- Impact of Spot pricing updates - before vs after re:Invent (2017)
- Spot Strategies
- Demo - Spot Fleet
- How Hotstar leverages Spot instances for million scale

Speaker - Gaurav Kamboj - Cloud Architect at Hotstar