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What we’re about

This group is about:

1) Sharing understandings, experiences (from those who have such experience) and a vision for the future.

2) Evaluate some possibilities for future actions, including implementing an official and licensed centre for using Ayahuasca in a non for profit environment and in the goal of self-improvement, in a spiritual discipline, not in an intention for entertainment. Becoming member, you will be able to be kept informed or to be involved in the project. 

3) We could also give some advices on some topics related to the spiritual path.

As you become member, we are open to any suggestion for places where we can do the event, keeping in mind we want to be the least expensive for attendees (besides voluntary contributions). We do not want money to be a condition for attending. Everybody welcome.

In our group, Spirituality should be Free of Charge, and people involved should do it on a voluntary basis, beside material services such as food, room or other services.

(Here, "Spirituality" does not relate to Spirit religions, but to the general term.)

Upcoming events

No upcoming events