Past Meetup

Music Education Benefit Concert Shoot

Needs a location


I've been asked to shoot another benefit concert. It's Saturday November 17th from 17:00 - 22:00 with setup at 16:00.

This one benefits Music Education in the schools.

The image use is different than many other benefit events in that the event still gets full use of everything with appropriate credit given, but we get to sell the images to the public. As before, I will host all of the images on my page, and any profits will go to the original photographer.

Pay: knowing you are helping kids get access to music education, AND water and Propel along with any protein bars I remember to throw into the cooler.

Low light capabilities will come into play as well. So if you have a camera that is unable to handle it, this event may not be for you. Some people are very talented with low light shots on cameras not designed for it, so if you can show me that you can pull off the shot I will certainly consider you.

Gear Requirements:
Ability to shoot RAW and JPG
f/4 or faster glass (at all focal lengths, so f/[masked] wouldn't cut it) unless you are shooting a D800, D4, a99, 5DIII, or 1Dx. If you're shooting any of those you could have f/8 glass and be perfectly fine.
Off camera flash with diffuser

Anyone interested in participating needs to contact me ASAP as we have a limited number of All Access Passes available.

Please include two samples of your best shots. One needs to be relative to the shoot (concert, low light with movement) while the second can be anything you pick. Send each in original RAW as well as finished JPG.