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What we’re about

We are a group of like-minded individuals who believe in personal responsibility, individual freedoms, and preparing for disasters of all origins. This group is aimed at individuals that have an interest in gaining knowledge, acquiring new skills and networking with like-minded individuals that share the preparedness mentality.

Areas of interest we hope to cover include, but are not limited to:
Self-reliance, Food Preservation, Food Storage, EMP and Faraday Cages, MAGS, Martial Arts Defense Training, Bug Out Vehicles and Locations, Communications Technology, Water Procurement. Water Filtration, Water Purification. Alternative Shelter, Alternative Power, Barter, Trade, Gardening, Natural Disasters, Emergency Medicine, Wilderness Medicine, Trauma Care, Bush-craft, Fire Making, Urban Preparedness, Hygiene, Grid Down, Off-grid Options, Permaculture, Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Edible Landscaping, Bug Out Bags, Bug In Bags, Foraging, Wild Edibles, Building Community, Urban Homesteading, Herbs, Tinctures, Essential Oils, Alternative Medicine, Beekeeping, Blacksmithing, Canning, Dehydrating, Grain Milling, Solar Cooking, Animal Husbandry, Firearms, Leather Working, etc.

This meetup group is where all local events will be posted to allow you an opportunity to meet in person with like-minded people in your local area.

Please also join us in our active online community at

Once there, be sure to join the Phoenix and Mesa, AZ Group for conversations with others in your area as well as our nation-wide network.
Our goal is to help everyone in the group be self-sufficient!!!