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We're stoked to host Anand Raman at our next B2B Sales & Growth meetup. ANAND RAMAN GM & Chief of Staff, Microsoft AI CTO Office, Redmond US Anand Raman is the Chief of Staff for Artificial Intelligence Platform and Head of Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem at Microsoft. Previously, he was the Chief of Staff for Microsoft Azure Data Group covering Data Platforms and Machine Learning. In the last decade, he ran the product management and the development teams at Azure Data Services, Visual Studio and Windows Server User Experience teams at Microsoft. Link to his blog on AI and Machine Learning: -His recent AI E-book announcement:

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    “Many entrepreneurs who build great products simply don’t have a good distribution strategy.” ― Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz

    No traction. These two words are a shot to the gut for startups, cutting short the lives of otherwise strong ideas and teams. After all, if a great product is developed and no one is there to use it, did it really get developed at all?

    The CEE region has the world’s best developer mentors and Hungarians have never failed to come up with creative ideas, leaving just one man behind in the race for sales.

    By and large, marketers, sales and biz dev professionals that want to succeed have had to educate themselves guerrilla style with books, online courses, trial and error, and some prayers to lady luck.

    Now Microsoft & Millenaris Startup Campus have teamed up to bring you real live backup: a meetup series dedicated to bringing you the best in B2B Sales + Growth.

    These meetups will teach you hands-on skills to actually engage - and seal the deal - with enterprise clients. At each event, real founders and growth experts from today’s fastest growing companies will teach you sales and distribution strategies.

    No matter what stage your business is in, the digital marketing, sales and biz dev knowledge you hear can be applied to your sales funnel right away.

    Microsoft is known to support startups with cloud credit and infrastructure services. But these can only get you started, they won’t buy your products. Customers will. As a long-term champion of innovation and B2B enterprise, Microsoft is ready to support you with decades of industry expertise.

    At the end of the day, paying customers are the difference between life or death for your business -- so sign up and get ready to rev those sales engines.

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