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Blockchain for Humanity (b4H)
Blockchain for Humanity (b4H)
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The Community Gatherings are here to share the positive impact technology can have on Humanity and how we envision our contribution and continuous engagement #call2action.

Gatherings are organized as 60 minutes e-meeting sessions that includes a brief intro of the participating community members, two featured projects working on Social Impact, a Q&A session and an optional virtual networking.

This week's focus is on achieving results for SDG#2: Zero Hunger.

Virtual Gathering Thu-April 23rd, 2020

Starts at 16h00 CEST (Central Europe)

5-10 minutes: Round of presentations for new community members. What are their motivations, describe the world they want to achieve, #call2action what is being done and what where is the gap or challenge.

20-30 minutes: Featured Project: PolloPollo, Speaker: Casper Niebe

Moved by the unsustainable situation in Venezuela due to lack of food, PolloPollo develops a platform that facilitates the interaction between donors, beneficiaries and physical products.

The system manages logic contracts that are in charge of distributing the donation directly to the producer when the beneficiary confirms receipt of the product guaranteeing then the donation will be use only for the intended purpose: Feeding those in need

15 minutes: The b4h team will take questions from the community and moderate the Q&A giving. We encourage the members of the community's involvement as we create new opportunities where emerging technologies can help achieve real Social impact #Blockchain4Impact #Coalitions4GOOD.

10 minutes: Virtual Networking if time allows it.

Ends at 17:00h CEST

Our main goal is to gather together as a Community to share ideas and challenges. Let’s do this together!