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Blockchain for Humanity (b4H)
Blockchain for Humanity (b4H)
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The Community Gatherings are here to share the positive impact technology can have on Humanity.

Important: You will get the link to access the Virtual Gathering once you RSVP here.

Virtual Gathering Thu - May 28th, 2020

Starts at 17h00 CEST (Central Europe)- GMT +2

Featured Project: EthicHub -
Speaker: Gabriela Chang, Co-Founder

Ethichub improves smallholders farmer's standard of living by addressing the Poverty trap.
Coffee Harvesting and its supply chain reveals opportunity
to help improve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by reframing the emerging economies system...

...Learn more at the Virtual Gathering.

Ends at 18:00h CEST

Our main goal is to gather together as a Community to share ideas and challenges.

Let’s do this together!