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What we’re about

We are transforming an 8 hectare rustic property into a green tech center. is a  15-20 minutes bus ride from Barcelona - in the hills overlooking the ocean of Alella (a small town known for its wine and soon for its tecnology!). There are about 2000 Panza Blanca grape vines , lots of fruit trees, woods and bare land where we intend to replant trees.

A huge field has been prepared for subdividing into micro plots for experimentation. Around it goes a kids 12v tractor/bicycle race track.   We are making a 3km mountain biking track, a first person video drone racing area, a frisbee gold course, a pizza making area, a kids and old timers grass playing field etc.

The Alella Green Tech concept.  Build a beautiful place where researchers and innovators can indulge in green activities with their families.  Inspire, brainstorm, innovate, create, promote, teach and helps save planet Earth.

Learn from other green thumbers and the local farmers/gardeners that help occasionally. Learn about irrigation, solar/wind/water power, microprocessors, valve control, robotics, gardening, local trees and plants.

Those with an interest for gardening/farming automation will get a kick out of our efforts to automate the water wells, irrigation, gardening, fermentation, security etc. We are also installing a from a kit - want to help build it?  We are running workshops for that.

We are looking for people that want to volunteer & help out and that want to put their knowledge and skill to good use. Spend time in clean air and destress with other lovers of the outdoors and nature.

Weekdays and weekends. We'll organize some specific times but one can also come most afternoons just by whatsapping the day before... PM for group invite.