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basel.js : Constructor : Lets meetup and plan future topics

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Gerbergasse 30 · Basel

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I'll be wearing a yellow sweatshirt and a red&black cap.

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This is a first meetup to just meet and greet & discuss what a monthly meetup on Javascript should include. Also discuss libraries we are using or are looking into. (Or creating!)

Its heating up. Browsers are getting mature with very good support for javascript. Application logic is moving into the browsers. Graphics support is now incredible with Canvas and WebGL. Javascript is making serious in-roads on the server with node.js - which now even Microsoft is supporting. And Adobe is changing its focus with the recent news of halting development of mobile Flash plugin and recent aquisition of PhoneGap. Front end web technology, anchored by javascript is an excellent stack for cross platform development of applications, web, native and mobile. Microsoft has made public its plans to use HTML5 as the new platform for native Windows apps (ie Metro).

Developers are discovering that this is a powerful language, not just for rollovers any more. But its very a different language then many of us are used to: Not a classic OOP class based language. A very func-y language. WTF are closures? What is a functional programming language? Better then standard OOP? More elegant? Or more risk prone? Javascript is big now, but somewhat by accident, the default language of all browsers.

What's going to happen now? Can it remain as is? There are many libraries that allow you to program in a classic OOP style. And companies are coming up with tools like GWT or Dart that allow you to generate javascript from other languages. Where is this all going?

Shall we geek-out?

(Note - sorry for writing this in English! Meetup in German.)

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Looking forwards to it!

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