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Presentation: Modularizing JS code

How do you organize and modularize your code ?I’ll present one pattern and cover some strength and weaknesses. Discuss!

The JS “Module Pattern”

Moving past rollovers and into app development with JS includes finding a way to modularize code. Modularizing can be more then just an organization strategy. It can prevent other libraries from clobbering your functions via collisions in global name-space (Pow!), or vice versa. It can protect your methods from being intentionally overwritten. It can enforce an interface through private methods and variables, and it can facilitate specific inheritance and other design patterns. I’ll present one popular pattern and cover a few strength and weaknesses. Introduced here:

Code Game: Battle 4 the DOM

Team up with other attendees or go it alone. You have 20 minutes to code a contender. Then they will battle in the arena. Programs which fail will be de-rezzed (as in tron).

So, byol. (Bring your own laptop)


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