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"Philosophy encapsulates a huge area of academic studies. The primary purpose for this Meet-Up group, bastion: Philosophy is the study of Logic, Value Theory, Metaphysics and Epistemology. Humans are hard wired to be afraid of things we don't understand. Therefore, using critical thinking and rational arguments we have an objective to break down the barriers that block the flow of freethinking. Let’s tear down the divisions based on stigmas and stereotypes that keep us from interacting together as a global society." ~~Richie LaBrie
Seeking errors in our judgements and prejudices to generate a new essence of global citizenship will begin to break down the barriers of humanity that cause most of the human ill will towards each other. In order to understand the abstraction and persuasion of ideology, we must first observe and understand the cause of the philosophical empiricisms that turn perceived truths into a new source of meaning which creates knowledge based on factoids, not actual facts. The ambition of bastion: Philosophy is to create a social platform to encourage discussion regarding man-made distinctions because a new kind of dialogue is needed to generate fresh ideas to solve modern problems. The biggest issue humanity faces right now is division; suffocating boundaries that create a sense of disconnectedness. People are categorized into groups based on religion, nationality, race, politics, etc. Our global society has never been more mobile, but yet so segregated.
The basic needs of the world’s most vulnerable citizens for food, water and shelter cannot be met when everybody else is fighting for power over the land and resources. Many world organizations agree that there are over 50 million refugees and displaced people, so we have an obligation to find new management systems to handle hostility which challenges our current American and global society. There's an urgent requirement for a contemporary consciousness of global citizens that engage each other with facts, not factoids and fear. b:P advocates open communication based on sound philosophy and intellectual honesty so we can all celebrate the human mind and spirit of diversity.

This group is open to anybody and everybody who has an interest in philosophy and actually using it for a global purpose. Regardless of religion, political leanings, cultural background, economic standing, etc. If you're a thinker, you are who this group needs to help provide a change of global consciousness.
I genuinely wish for you join in the process of making an international difference that begins in Houston, Texas.
Richie LaBrie

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