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Living Forgotten Realms - Daughter of Agony

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A storm is brewing across the land. A sinister force weaves its dark ambition into the tapestry of the world... but to what end? A long-term Living Forgotten Realms homebrew campaign set in Faerun.

Since we are starting fresh, all players should roll a character at level 1 and using the Living Forgotten Realms ruleset. I apologize if this means altering a character you've grown fond of. If you wish to use your current character, please roll it anew at level 1, no equipment, and 100gp, as per usual. I will make allowances for non-essential equipment and story experiences if you wish to maintain your character's history, but for mechanics purposes, we'll need to start them from the beginning. I should also note that since this is a homebrew campaign and not an official LFR module, these characters will NOT be RPGA certified; that is to say, you will not be able to play them outside of this campaign unless the DM approves of them.

This campaign will differ from the usual LFR modules. Because of the long-term nature, it will involve deeper story elements with a greater allowance of role playing, although there will of course be combat. Long-term also means that your characters will likely hit Epic Tier before all is said and done. Because it's a home brew, aspects of your characters backstory can be worked in, and I can modify the story slightly to allow personalized character development. Lastly, because the focus is on the story and its development, I'm hoping to cultivate a more mature tone, both in the story and at the table. This isn't to say that we're getting rid of puns and tentacles, but you know...

I would like to remind players that we officially start at 6pm. We haven't been, due to scheduling conflicts, but I would like to return to this time (it's okay if you arrive late!). Furthermore, as the table is growing large, I might re-implement the "first come, first serve" rule, where the first 6 who sign up for the event on Meetup are the ones who get to play. If it continues to grow, we might split into two tables. I'll deal with those when they occur.

If you have any questions, comments, worries, or suggestions, any at all, please email me at