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Finding internal peace with the extremely busy and highly stimulating lives we live is difficult. But there is a calling and a yearning inside of you for a deep meaningful quite. Why is it so difficult to find internal peace when we try to sit quietly for even just a minute in our day?

Meditation has a history of groundbreaking health, emotional and positive lifestyle results that are becoming a must-have in everyone's daily routine.

I am Geraldine Orozco an Intl. Speaker, DNA Reprogrammer, Instructor, Radio Host, YouTuber, Film, Writer, Ascension Coach Artist, and ID Contactee.

Founder of Bayarea MEDITATION which focuses on corporate wellness programs, DNA Reprogramming and 1x1 Meditation coaching.

My certification include:
Certified Hypnotherapist
Certified Holistic Stress Management and Meditation Instructor,
Certified Pranic Energy healer
Qigong Instructor
Certified Quantum Energy practitioner

With over 14 years experience in the holistic arts and my own awakening in 2009. I work directly with source intuitively aligning with each person I work with. I utilize a collection of several meditation techniques from around the world from Vipassana, to advanced energy healing techniques.

My psychic abilities were greatly enhanced in 2013 after a life-changing, fully conscious and physical interdimensional contact experience, which resulted in the activation of my ability to see the multidimensional and etheric subtle energy bodies.

This, in combination with a deep search for my understanding of truth. Allowed me to formulate and design a healing modality called DNA Reprogramming.

This Technique is a combination of hypnosis techniques, to facilitating a deep reconnection with the mind and body. In order to help the individual to better understand their deepest truths while becoming aware of their ability to actively work with trauma and toxic though programs as well as toxic relationships and life blockages that become stagnant.

On the deepest level this healing permits the individual to integrate fragments caused by trauma and suffering, allowing you to open a direct connection to your highest expression. Body , mind and soul.

All relationships can be contractual in nature, learn to break contractual agreements, cutting energetic cords with people (family, friends aquaintances) and releasing conflicting programs of the divine masculine and feminine in order to learn how to love yourself unconditionally.

Mastering our complex physical instruments (our Bodies) is the key to reaching our greatest potential and succeeding as humans in daily life.

Health starts in the mind! Dozens of Medical studies around the world are confirming the importance of meditation in a healthy lifestyle. Learn about the science of mediation by clicking


Drop-in meditation sessions that are open to the public. We do not belong to any religious organization we are simply seekers of a better life!

<br>Please join! <br>I offer one on one instruction within the class as well as outside the meetup and help guide you bi-weekly with any questions concerns and road bumps that you may encounter in your practice.

If there is anything, in particular, you want to talk about please message me.


1.- learn how to raise your vibration. (anytime)

2.- learn to protect yourself from the negativity of others around you.

3.- learn to be the master of your Body and mind. (Create Health/Vitality)

4.- Learn how to make meditation a daily routine. (excel in your life)

5.- become aware of and encounter deep fears that create blockages in your life.

6.- Learn to Always be aware of your surroundings

7.- Learn to Love yourself (check for special Slf love intensives)

8.- Learn the basics of Energy work and Healing

9.- Learn to release of disease and ailments

10.- Learn Affirmations and EFT(Emotional Freedom Techniques) (check schedule for Class)

11.- Learn to balance your emotions deep Chakras Work

12.- Learn to Run Energy

Any questions please feel free to email me I am here to serve!

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