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Naked Men QiGong & Yoga
I'm excited to share a regular QiGong Wednesday class for the naked men community in San Francisco. +We are going to learn how to move with strength, ease and power. +We will learn how internal energy moves in the body and how to direct it for healing purposes. This teaching is very ancient and very practical. You can apply this technique to any activity outside of the class room and we will learn how to apply it to your Yoga practice as well. My plan for this class is to incorporate Healing QiGong and Martial Art QiGong as a combination that cultivate strength, flexibility and develop awareness of subtle healing energy fields internally and externally to balances the mind and the emotions, boost the immune system and heal effortlessly. Come play with me every Wednesday! 7;45-9;15pm. In Quantum Martial Arts. 3rd Floor 20th street at Mission. $10-$20 suggested donation. (

Quantum Martial Arts

2390 Mission St · San Francisco

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Are you looking for a way to de-stress? Are Yoga classes boring or too rigorous? Are you looking to increase your flexibility, external and internal strength and learn how to self-heal your body effortlessly?

This group creates space to meet and connect with others through the enjoyable, and rejuvenating practice of Qi Gong and Tao Yoga. These practices connect body, mind and spirit while supporting our overall health and well-being. Tao Yoga is a gentle, restorative movement form combined with mindfulness. It is in the family of Traditional Chinese Medicine and focuses on moving Qi (Life Force Energy) throughout the body to strengthen your immune system, increase flexibility, decrease stress and heal disease.

Hi, my name is Eli Cohen. I am a Qi Gong and Tao Yoga instructor. I learned and practiced for many years. I was fortunate to study with great teachers. I am very excited to share this powerful healing practice with you. It's great for all ages and especially for people who are seeking the softer side of exercise and healing movement practices.

My wish is that through this practice we will create a community to support each other, flourish and thrive.

Please feel free to join us, bring friends and connect!

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