What we're about

Are you a Bay Area film fan? Someone who is genuinely interested in taking in stories about diverse experiences and walks of life?

It's really pretty basic; the organizer and assistant organizers pick films, take in film suggestions from others, and sometimes we get group discounts to pass on to you. It's a relaxed group which people dip in and out of depending on their film genre preference etc, so there is the possibility of meeting new people at each meeting. We do not welcome homo/bi/transphobic folks - no racists or misogynists either. Just people who respect one another and are open to learning beyond the pale.

We're not film snobs in this group - we see both thoughtful, foreign-language films at indie fests and 'leave your brain at home' Hollywood blockbusters at multiplexes. So, if this is you - come along, watch a film and possibly discuss it afterward.

Q) What is this group 'really for?'

You'd be surprised that this question is asked; there must be some film meetup groups out there that are some kind of front for something else - who knows? Occasionally people think this is actually a dating group or something, though it's hard to know where they'd get that idea (though obviously if two single people happen to meet at the group and things develop from there, fair play to them). Just to be clear, this is a group where people meet to see movies.