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Developing Hierarchical Models for Sports Analytics using PyMC

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It is a great pleasure to welcome Chris Fonnesbeck back to the Bayesian Mixer.

Thanks again to Bayes Business School for hosting us. Please register in time for the event.

Chris' talk is titled: Developing Hierarchical Models for Sports Analytics using PyMC

Abstract: Decision-making in sports has become increasingly data-driven with GPS, cameras, and other sensors providing streams of information at high spatial and temporal resolution. While machine learning is a popular approach for turning these data streams into actionable information, Bayesian statistical methods offer a robust alternative. They allow for the combining of multiple data sources, a natural means for imputing missing data, as well as full accounting for various system uncertainties.

In particular, hierarchical models provide a means for integrating information at multiple scales and adjusting for biases associated with small sample sizes. I will demonstrate a Bayesian workflow for model development using PyMC version 5, from data preparation through to the summarization of estimates and predictions, using baseball data.

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Bayesian Mixer London
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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
5:00 PM
106 Bunhill Row · London