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Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, blockchain and decentralized ledger technologies have been causing ripples across industries around the globe, each in a different but very real way. Banks are trying to figure out how to react, governments are scrambling to regulate, and capital in the form of bitcoin and ethereum is being tossed around to the tune of over $3B investing via ICOs this year.

Projects touting identity verification, comprehensive governance, data storage and even tokenized gaming assets are just a few of the verticals that these tokens and startups hope to disrupt with their respective technologies. The world is ripe with opportunity to implement these new technologies, being compared to the dawning of the internet and its ability to transform the way we do just about everything, but what does this mean for the legacy systems the global economy operates on today?

Please join us for a moderated panel discussion where we will discuss Implications and Opportunities of Decentralized Ledger Technologies


Aari Lotfipour, CEO and Co-Founder of Jalapeno Inventive, spent his early years as a computer science student and then nearly 12 years in nuclear medicine tinkering with proton accelerators for Siemens Healthcare. With 4 years swimming in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, he’s focusing Jalapeno Inventive on creating consumer friendly blockchain applications that span across gaming, social media, streaming media ecommerce and more.


Jeff Abrams, Blockchain Professional. Jeff enjoys studying philosophical and logical dilemmas, literature, arts, cognitive and behavioral sciences, A.I., and Crypto-currencies. His career focus is towards contributing to new and better solutions in social welfare. He is a long time cryptocurrency enthusiast, blockchain professional and thought leader in the Northern Colorado blockchain community and advises startups on their emerging technology strategies.

Mike Pratt is an engineer by nature and enjoys the challenge of building and debugging complex systems. In his 15-year career he’s had the opportunity to create hardware for high-speed optical networking, embedded medical devices, and aerospace projects. Most recently he served as a Tech Lead at SEAKR Engineering, where his team developed an avionics package for the NASA Orion Crew Vehicle (, designed to carry astronauts to asteroids and beyond in the 2020s.Mike has a BS in Computer Engineering at NC State, and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia. His interests include the intersection of smart contracts and embedded devices (IoT), and extending modern financial services to the unbanked.In his free time Mike listens to a ridiculous amount of podcasts, enjoys hiking uphill with his black lab Sirocco and attempting yoga (

Hunt Frye has a lengthy history in the music business promoting concerts and managing artists. He was a blockchain and crypto currency early adopter. He currently manages several Blockchain related facebook groups as well as a beginners guide. He likes to get involved in the Crypto/ Blockchain space anywhere he can and loves to help new investors learn.

Zachary Wolff recently retired from a 10 year career as a corporate white hat, Zak now spends his days working on a stealth mode crypto startup. He is convinced that the solutions to many of the problems that we face in the info sec space will end up being solved by technologies that emerge from Bitcoin and a movement towards a decentralization and distributed consensus.