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NewTech Denver Intro - Aiko Cheslin ( ) (7:00 PM)

NeuroEQ - Dr. Nicole Gravagna ( @NicoleGravagna ) (7:10pm)

NeuroEQ uses psychometric software to predict customer behavior for customer marketing. If you know how your customer listens, you can call them to action.

Community Announcements - Aiko Cheslin ( @LucidPaper ) (7:20 pm)

LexLucid ( @LexLucid ) - Katherine Snow (7:25pm)

LexLucid uses artificial intelligence to analyze B2C contracts and grade them for consumer fairness. The team won all three rounds of the Global Legal Hackathon this spring and are now raising money and building a team around the project.

Hiring / Looking - Aiko Cheslin ( @LucidPaper ) (7:35 pm)

99agree - Dr. Marcie Tucker ( @DrMSTucker ) (7:40pm)

We are a software company devoted to helping people learn to live, share, and get along with
the people they live with. Think of us like weather forecasters for roommates - we predict the hotspots and comfort zones so roommates can manage their relationships.

Upsuite ( @upsuite ) - Ben Wright (7:50pm)

Upsuite is an online B2B marketplace that makes it easy for teams to find the best coworking spaces. Unlike other alternatives, Upsuite provides complete verified inventory in local markets so that teams can find, compare, share, and tour spaces. Our vision is to empower teams to do their best work together. We have early traction with several operators and you need to be involved because you can help us impact this high growth CRE vertical.

STOW IT ( @_Stow_ ) - Carmelo Mannino ( @Mannino_Carmelo ) (8:00pm)

STOW IT connects individuals that have space to people that need it through our web platform. We help individuals that have extra space in places like garages, barns, driveways, and land make passive income
through vehicle storage. We help renters save 20 to 50% for their vehicle storage needs. Currently we serve the Colorado market but will be looking to expand soon.

NewTech Denver Close - Aiko Cheslin ( ) (8:10 pm)

Networking - (8:10-8:45 pm)


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