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Let's talk about talking!

Seriously, it's kinda wild that we're living in a world where we're technologically better connected than ever before but people are feeling more isolated than ever before...

This meetup is on a mission to change that!

We're hardwired for connection, and--from what we've learned in the past 7 years of studying, practicing, teaching, and consulting on this topic--enhancing our communication skills is the fastest way to create meaningful change in our lives and the lives of people we meet.

Every 2 weeks, we'll meet and check in if there's anything specific people would like help/practice with as it relates to interpersonal communication or self-talk then we'll try out different conversation exercises that are designed to fine tune and enhance our current skills.

Each meetup will have a specific focus that will be displayed at least 2 weeks in advance, like "Small Talk to Real Talk" or "Be More Charismatic... without All the Effort" or "Verbal Aikido... How to Have Your Voice Heard, Understood, and Respected when in a Disagreement" or "Getting to 'Yes'" or "Storytelling for Teaching, Influence, and Fun" or "Changing Our Self-Talk to Increase Self-Esteem"

Better communication has enhanced all areas of my life (from work to family to dating to friendship to self-esteem), and I have found that a little practice can go a long way, especially with other people who might have different life experiences, belief systems, and skills around this to interact with.

I do not foresee this Meetup actively organizing its own major socials. There are plenty of these groups on Meetup already, and I will post those events when possible since these are great opportunities to practice your skills in the "real world," as well as have opportunities to socialize in general beyond our fun training sessions.

If you or someone you know happens to be expertly skilled in a specific context of communication, please reach out or have them reach out. More talented communicators are welcomed and encouraged to join and participate so the group can have an even greater impact on growth and improvement.

P.S. Lots of exciting, dynamic, tantalizing photos to come as we hold Meetups, so wait for it!

P.P.S. If you are the organizer of a social meetup, feel free to message me. If the meetup seems like a good fit for this group, I would love to promote it here as an additional event for Meetup members to check out.

Upcoming events (3)

How to have fun making new friends - with special guest NLP trainer Katie Raver

Old Quarry Branch, Austin Public Library

Learn a simple process you can do anywhere, any time, to get into a calm, relaxed state of mind. This process relies on your body’s natural ability to return itself to calm and let go of mind chatter. Learning it is fun and relaxing too! After this evening program, you will: *have learned a practice a new way to look at and experience social situations *learn about the added benefits of this practice, from seeing at night without artificial light to improved pattern recognition in all senses *have the opportunity to have fun, laugh, and discover new things about yourself and other attendees. You can attend this program if you have social anxiety, butterflies before entering a social situation, or you just want to improve your ability to relax and make new friends. Katie Raver is an NLP Master trainer, creator of the September 14 Free Day of NLP, and a NightWalking instructor.

Words that work: Every verbal hack I know to gain the edge

North Village Branch, Austin Public Library

Ready to learn and practice effective language techniques for short-circuiting reporter, enhancing agreeableness, mitigating conflict before it's an issue, and getting exactly what you want out of the conversation? That's what we're going to cover at this meet up Over the past seven years, I've studied club promoters, top performing sales reps, FBI and CIA agents, police officers, therapists, life coaches, negotiators, behavioral analyst, dating and social skills coaches, hypnotists, magicians, big name writers, and even a spy to figure out exactly what needs to be said in order to attain just about anything I would want from another person. The power of knowing this has resulted in... + landing jobs I was unqualified for + repairing relationships that have long been in disrepair + experiencing minimal conflict for years + closing high ticket sales with ease + hearing people say to me, "I've never told anyone this before" time and time again after 5-10 minutes of conversation + an abundant mindset toward a socially thriving life + having more partners than I possibly should telling me they loved me... (and no this isn't bragging... I'm just reporting what has happened because it can be the same for you) So how could all of this be possible? And how could be possible for you? What we're going to be playing with is this concept of Language Patterns… A language pattern is an intentionally based phrasing of words to direct a conversation so you are more likely to get the outcome you were hoping for. I've spent years learning and refining and testing these for myself to make sure that they work. And boy do they work! So for 120 minutes on Tuesday night, we are going to cover the most crucial language patterns I found for dramatically improving and changing my life and the lives of those that I interact with. Important note here is that the language patterns only work when you're off ready from integrity and with good intent. And we will discuss that at this meet up. Assuming that is how you are operating with honesty and applying what you learn in the right context, you will be unstoppable when you start putting these patterns into action. So, be ready to get involved and practice some new strategies for getting what you want in life with other people. I'm excited to see you all there.

Communication Skills Practice Group (Specific Topic Coming Soon...)

University Hills Branch, Austin Public Library

Every 2 weeks, we meet and discuss and practice communication skills. The specific skill and topic we will practice will be updated within a week of the event and your suggestions by direct messaging me are greatly appreciated. There's a lot to be gained from simple practice in a place where it's ok to try new things and see what works. If you need some suggestions, I as well as other group leaders are more than welcome to help out! Location coming soon.

Past events (6)

Let’s talk about relationships!

Willie Mae Kirk Branch, Austin Public Library

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