The Space between Words: Cultivating the Power of Presence

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Every 2 weeks on Tuesday until July 8, 2019

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I have never shared this information publicly before. It's largely because the first few people I shared this concept with brushed it off. They listened and then shrugged as if it was a passing recommendation, rather than the bedrock of everything else I teach and know to be true with relationship and communication.

And in the world we are in now, presence is fleeting. We're regularly chasing the next thing or living in our past. Sometimes we are doing both at the exact same time.

How do you get someone excited about presence until they've experienced it for themselves?

Presence really is the underlying truth to how my connections go so deep.

It's the answer to knowing what to say. It's how to be in a spontaneous conversation and enjoy it. It's how to interact with someone and for it to seem as though time stands still.

We've all experienced presence from time to time. We've experienced it in nature, in moments of play and fun. In moments of flow.

The interesting thing is... there are ways to cultivate presence. And often times just sitting with it and understanding it better by lying with it can make it show up more and more in your life.

What we will do in this meet up is experience the power of presence. I learned this exercise 15 years ago as a sophomore in high school on a particularly stressful day in a Acting 101 Class. It's probably the single best lesson I've ever had in school.

At the time, I didn't understand how valuable the lesson was. It's only now 15 years later that I value just how impactful that single lesson was for me.

For those who would like to experience the sacredness and holiness that is being in the present moment with others and feeling that underlying connection that is being human, I invite you to join me in this meet up.

While this is a wild departure from tips, tricks, structures and strategies, it deserves reverence and deserves the time. Because from this place, many of the other pieces work themselves out. You will find the way.

My only request is that everyone arrive before 7:15 PM. At that point, others cannot come in. In order to cultivate presence, we need to show up. And for the latecomers, it would be too much of a challenge on the first time playing with this concept.

So I look forward to seeing you all soon and I hope this training will have as significant an impact on you and your life as my experience was with it the first time I experienced this in my life.