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What we’re about

Belong to a “Connection-Minded” Team.
Where connection language and understanding makes interacting easy and meaningful.

  • Deepen your self-awareness      
  • Make good friends    
  • Access a whole new level of support        

Growing into your best self can be a lonely experience.
You want more. You want a fuller life. You’re doing the personal growth work. Yet it feels as if your friends and family can’t relate to what you’re going through. You would be so relieved to find your tribe, your Team, where you’re understood and supported.  

We need each other.

Practice partnering your masculine and feminine energies.
Feel safe and encouraged in asking for what you need.
Connect meaningfully with growth-minded people.

Grow as a person. Be more successful.
There’s a direct connection between growing as a person and growing your business or career.
It’s easier and faster to grow when you join a network of caring, supportive people on the same journey. I’ve seen this firsthand over the past 27 years of leading and producing three networking communities in Silicon Valley.

Participate at an event. We don’t need you to be perfect. We just need you to show up, engage and be eager to learn and connect.

Join a Team that honors both the personal and professional sides of us.

At KristyRogersConnects we believe in having a network that’s one call or email away.

Our monthly membership with the Business-Friends Team™ offers you a mindset reset and a supportive team to lean on and a place to talk about business and career.

Join the Business-Friends Team™ and:

  1. Ask for what you need personally and professionally.
  2. Learn practices that make you more positive and connectable and efficient.
  3. Benefit from the access to a diverse group of employed and self-employed people.
  4. Be seen, known and findable through your forum profile.
  5. Initiate get-togethers with other members.
  6. Ask for connections when job hunting.  
  7. Promote your events, products and services.

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