What we're about

A new an exciting meetup group for the over 40s

Everyone is invited to host events, holidays , travelling companions, evenings out, white water riding, the theatre, bungee jumps.......

Lets just enjoy and have fun

Contact me to become an events organizer and let our lives had added excitement


Upcoming events (4+)

Improvs Best are in Town ... a variety of 18 shows

Needs a location

Here is your best chance at discovering what in the moment performances are capable of. Where your suggestion is the inspiration for the show...... As if rehearsed - and yet not !
Given the range of shows - a Meet and Greet per show isn't the usual format. I hope you understand. ... As one of the stewards for some of the shows I have responsibility to all those attending.
Therefore you may message (add the day and time) so that other 40's, 50's + members can opt to meet before and after.

Here is The MAC website and if you scroll down
you'll find info for the Variety of Shows to choose from
and discounts (Wed+Thu OR Fri+Sat+Sun):
Birmingham Improv Festival 2022 | Midlands Arts Centre (macbirmingham.co.uk)
The onsite cafe closes late afternoon - therefore there is the option of the bar which is open to around 9pm or a bit later.
When you come inside it is easy to spot the cafe area. The bar is sort of opposite though some 40 metres away and off to the left a little. There is a 30m long corridor a little on the right (walking away from the cafe) The Bar is behind the wall on the left of this corridor.

Crystal Healing. Free Workshop

Needs a location

Please Note this workshop is free as it is funded by the National Lottery via the wonderful charity Arts All Over The Place
An introductory workshop which will teach you to access your world with crystals.
I will bring along a selection of different stones all of which will have healing properties including circulation, increased immune, allergies, increased well being and
Just bring yourselves, an open mind and any questions you have to ask me, Jamie

Disenchanted (Enchanted, open mic)

Needs a location


Halloween special

Open mic with a murder mystery!

There will be a prise for the best dressed so pick out a costume and partake 😉

Join me for an Enchanting and entertaining evening.
This event is for us to enjoy and share some of our talents, and curiosity, to inspire and be inspired.
if you are little bit curious about performing? This is a safe and happy environment to test the water or just come along to enjoy.
Lets be captivated, be charmed, be delighted, bedazzled, entranced, and enthralled, bewitched, spellbound, hypnotised, and mesmerised!

let us inspire each other!

And fill the night with an eclectic mix of writers, poets, musicians, magicians, storey-tellers and more!

If you would like a slot then Write yourself down in the book when you come in.

suggested donation £4 for audience and only £2 if you are performing.

look forward to seeing you there!

To keep up to date, with future events, photos and videos, join the group:


Celebration of movement (free belly dancing class)

Needs a location

This class will cover a range of belly-dancing types from around the globe. We will be practicing techniques from Egyptian, Turkish and Tribal styles.

The classes are aimed at all abilities working at their own pace and learning style.

Dancing is not just great for your physical health, but also great for your mind and soul.

Dancing is a valuable tool in releasing and expressing our inner emotions. Rigidity of body or mind is unhealthy for the spirit as well as the body, but movement stimulates the whole being to express. By using our bodies to release the mind, we become more aware of the mind/body-connection and begin to feel wholeness.

This workshop will be part of Arts All Over the Place, for World Mental Health Day, funded by the lottery.

I look forward to seeing you there.



Past events (617)

A Mindful Autumn Walk in Moseley Bog

Needs a location

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