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BeJS CONF 2023 - The JavaScript Conference in Brussels & Online

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BeJS CONF 2023 - The JavaScript Conference in Brussels & Online


BeJS CONF 2023, an experience that will last long beyond learning and insights! It is simply our Belgian way of celebrating the JavaScript realm, with energetic experts from all over the world, involved stakeholders, and a uniquely passionate audience.

Beside connecting with spirited beings and relishing local menus, this year’s edition will let you discover the latest JS and Frontend updates (Qwik, NodeJS, Typescript, VueJS, SolidJS, Testing, Security, TC39, Design...) through lively talks, panel discussions, hands-on workshops and more…!

Learn more about the Agenda & our Stellar Speaker Line-Up:

  • Kyle Simpson Principal Software Engineer Socket Supply Co.
  • Jasper De Moor Staff Engineer CodeSandbox
  • Carolyn Stransky Software Engineer EMnify
  • Misko Hevery CTO
  • Jenn Creighton Senior Software Engineer Netflix
  • Michele Riva Co-Founder & CTO OramaSearch
  • Aditi Singh TC39 delegate & Compilers Engineer Igalia
  • And more ....

Join the vibe, get your 🎟️and let's meet in Brussels next May 12th!
🚨Ticket Price will rise next May 1st 🚨

More BeJS Conf updates to come soon...😉, Stay tuned!

BeJS : JS community in Brussels
BeJS : JS community in Brussels
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Blvd Auguste Reyers 80 · Brussels