BLUG Talk Night: Mathematical Descent


Where does mathematics appear in open source? Several examples at various levels of the IT stack - short, 20 minute intros to various aspects. Something for all familiarity levels - we'll start with some approachable, visual uses and get more theoretical as we descend towards category theory.

GEOMETRY IN JS - @gingerzoealex - Z Gadon-Thompson
How can you do lens equation calculations in vanilla JS and HTML5 Canvas? Starting out with JS from the maths end - geometry in interactive action.

(Lightning Talk: Brief History of the Numerics Revolution - how we made the world relevant to computers)

SETS & SQLITE - @keith.maxwell - K Maxwell
What are sets and boolean operations in SQLite context, and how can understanding them help us query data effectively?

INTRO TO LOGIC - @AdamGrant - A Grant
When we talk about logic, what do we really mean? A quick crash course in some of the maths behind our computing intuition...

...which leads in to a brief introduction to type theory, and how it impacts language design, safety in code and security.

With many thanks to Flexera for hosting the event, and Flax & Teal for supplying dinner, in the form of Bao, and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)!