• NIDC Light Demo Talk

    Town Square

    This August, we hold light talks about the Northern Ireland Developers Conference a.k.a NIDC. That will a time where NIDC attendees could share their experience about one the main IT conference in NI and talk about the latest exciting developments in free software and Linux. The gathering will take place on Thu 29th Aug. around 6:30pm in Town Square @Botanic avenue which offers an excellent coffee and serves also food for the hungry.

  • BLUG Dinner

    Home Restaurant

    With all the busyness of summer, BLUG brings back the dinner evening - join us for food, with Talks back on the table in August. A great opportunity to meet a few people in a non-technically challenging environment, while being able to get into detailed open source chat too!

  • BLUG Social: Summer opening

    5 Lower Cres

    After NIDC this month, few people requested to have a social on the last Wednesday of the month as to recall the habits of the old BLUG. In the days of yore, we used to meet at the Tap House, renamed The Fly, but now called The Playwright.

  • BLUG General: Museum Mapping

    Ulster Folk Museum

    From 2pm but feel free to join us a little later if easier. General interest event, looking around Ballycultra and, if we have a few enthusiasts, trying to fill in some OpenStreetMap gaps while we are there - all welcome, particularly suitable for those who like fresh air, geospatial or have kids! This event is not sponsored and you should either pre-book online on the Folk Museum site or purchase your own tickets on arrival. There is car parking available but there may be a few people taking the train from Belfast - 15min walk from the station (bit uphill)

  • BLUG Social: Post-BelFOSS

    Eglantine Avenue

    Combined BLUG and Post-BelFOSS social - for those dropping by BelFOSS ( http://belfoss.eeecs.qub.ac.uk ), we will be going there after the final talks. Non-BelFOSS-ing Bluggers are very much welcome and it may be a good opportunity to meet a few people who aren't normally at Meetups, or a few straggling speakers (check out the agenda - we've got license enthusiasts, enterprise production architectures, city data specialists, academics, international humanitarian projects and open source project legends :D). Registrations look to be a healthy mix of students, academics and external professionals/hobbyists. If you want to grab your post-work dinner before dropping by, standard BLUG time is perfectly reasonable. There are a few BelFOSS day registrations left, so get in quick if you're about, but EVEN if you aren't sure, but find a bit of time during your Friday, the limits are primarily catering numbers, so if you want to pop by on the day for some of the talks, there should be enough seats in the lecture theatre to pop in!

  • BLUG Technical: Today.I.Learned (was Second Strike)

    Blick Shared Studios

    In our BLUG rotation, this is an event with technically-focused content - of course, all welcome regardless of interests or experience! We will run lightning talks themed on open source tech you have seen at talks, meetups or in videos, and can summarize in -5mins. Perfect opportunity for: * first time tech speakers * newcomers to BLug * people with virtually no time to write a talk * long-time devs who want to highlight cool, complex or niche topics that don't suit a full talk If you want some ideas, please have a look through https://fosdem.org/2019/schedule/events/ and let us know if you have a talk you want to talk on (last minute decisions accommodated _if_ time allows!) Talking will be strictly 5mins capped - one (non-interactive) visual is allowed - it will be brought up by Phil on the projector, and can be moving, (but not requiring any clicking or typing). Please comment here if you can to flag the topic you want to cover, which will help others get a preview of content!

  • BLUG: Back in Belfast

    68 Great Victoria St

    By popular request, given our international BLUG at start of Feb - a last minute mini-BLUG nearer home for those free on Tuesday, open to newcomers and familiar faces. Planning to go for a casual Indian meal in city centre, please keep an eye on location changes, as we confirm Nu Delhi's current status!

  • BLUG Social: "It's B for Belfast not Brussels" (BLUG goes to Belgium)

    For those who aren't off with their free software pals, given the load of NI folks over for FOSDEM, BLUG will do dinner in Brussels again. Somewhere vegan friendly, and not easily available in Belfast, probs.

  • BLUG Social: Sampling an International Buffet

    COSMO World Buffet Restaurant | Belfast

    General social at COSMO for a bite and some chat. Also, this will be an opportunity to pick through some of the humongous range of talks on the FOSDEM website (fosdem.org), where some of us will be heading off til on the 2&3 Feb - and, for the benefit those not attending Brussels in person (and those who are) all are streamed and recorded, so useful conversation starters and thought provocation all round! Please do make sure your RSVP is right for numbers and, as there's no sponsor for this month, bills are individual. (reminder: February's Belfast LUG will be, as last year, in Belgium, so if you're not heading across the water, make sure you get to Jan's BLUG for your fix til March!)

  • BLUG Technical: Blug Spat, a Competitive Bugsplat

    BLUG SPAT... Open bug splat competition - create PRs to open source projects. * you can only start working at 6pm on the night (feel free to arrive early to get set up though), and will be scored only on work submitted to projects by midnight (remoting after you've been here is fine, if you head off at 8ish, say) * you can't have tackled or explored a solution before, or be overly familiar with maintainers * points weighted to a variety of contributions types on things you don't usually work with! * technical and non-technical - decent points for docs, testing, etc. * early career bonus scoring * best overall company award... * upper limit on qualifying PRs - quality not quantity peeps * bonus points if you get it accepted by New Year (polishing and responding to reviewer comments after Dec 11 to get it merged is absolutely fine) * most winners announced early in Jan, but a couple by the next day Equally, you're welcome to turn up and watch, chat or just submit PRs without competing. This is going to be completely tongue-in-cheek, so don't expect it to be fair, or unbiased, and will be partially self-scored. There are unlikely to be prizes (or at least any serious ones), but if you're keen to sponsor one, drop me a line. Full scoring sheet undergoing proofing, and will be available. Vietnamese themed food planned. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks planned. PLEASE SUPPLY ANY DIETARY REQUIREMENTS IN ADVANCE, EVEN IF YOU THINK WE KNOW! (Meetup organizer message works fine) We'll have a couple of non-meat Banh Mi by default, but they will prioritized for those who've let us know.